Source: Boca Magazine |  Published: Jan 2019

January marks the beginning of a new year, and it’s also Human Trafficking Awareness Month. While it’s an issue that should be discussed any time of the year, we tackled this issue and the ongoing legislative struggles to prosecute traffickers in Boca magazine.

Survivor Cindy Alvarado bravely told us her story about being trafficked from Costa Rica for years. We could have filled the entire issue on the topic—human trafficking is complicated, messy, spans borders, and misunderstood. But one thing is for certain, it has to stop.

Somy Ali, founder of No More Tears

To continue this conversation, we sat down with Somy Ali, the founder of No More Tears, a nonprofit that aids victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.


Florida is third in the nation for human trafficking—does this surprise people?


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