Source: WPBF News 25 |  Published: Jan 2019

A former Orlando woman is getting help from No More Tears, a local charity for human trafficking victims, and speaking out about her ordeal to help others.

“My abuse started at age 4,” said the woman, who is not being identified by WPBF 25 News. We called her Jane.

Jane said her parents separated about 30 years ago and her father got custody of her. She said both he and her grandfather began sexually abusing her, and shortly thereafter, put her into a child sex ring with about a dozen others.

“I don’t know how old the youngest one was, but to give an idea, she was in diapers,” said Jane.

Jane said that, every few weeks, she and her two brothers were forced to go to a secret campground or a large “fancy” house where they were sold to adults.

“Me and my two half brothers were sent to camp. One of my brothers ended up dying because of the abuse,” said Jane. She said her other brother later committed suicide.

Among the clients she recognized were a local doctor, lawyers, a prominent politician and a well-known NBA basketball player.

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