“Sonia”, 19, was brought to the U.S. through an arranged marriage from Delhi, India. Within a month of being in Miami, Florida, Sonia’s husband, “Akash”, began beating her and forcing her to have sex with numerous men. Akash would bring the men over to the apartment and lock Sonia in the bedroom with a new man every day.

Sonia was used as a sex slave and a servant for six months before she found No More Tears’ brochures in an Indian grocery store and called No More Tears for help.

No More Tears provided Sonia with therapy, assisted with her immigration status, filed for her divorce through No More Tears’ volunteer divorce attorney, and paid for Sonia’s ticket to reunite with her family in India. Sonia is now a donor to No More Tears and has sent us $50 every month for the past 3 years.