“As a case manager, I have realized that in order to do this job, you really need to care about people like they are part of your own family. However, victims who seek social services sometimes find it difficult to find a place with such level of care for their particular situation.

Also, sometimes it is extremely difficult for a family to get emergency assistance due to the importance placed on the approval of requirements and documents. Thank God No More Tears exists. Somy, President and Founder of No More Tears, and her team do their best to extinguish these issues, and have been referred to so many families of victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. She has helped them in such an extraordinary way, but sometimes does not get the recognition or appreciation she deserves. Thank you Somy, for No More Tears and your genuine heart built for helping these needed families so selflessly; for your trust in the victims, for creating a place where victims feel safe, where they can find someone to trust wholeheartedly, who believes in them and identifies with their problems, and someone who will actually do something to improve their lives and their situation. God bless your path and the call He has given to you. Your work is indescribable and so needed in our community. You could be doing something else, but you chose to help, and I do not think you realized the huge impact No More Tears has in the community. Thank you so much!”