“No More Tears is a first-rate organization. It is elegant in it’s grassroots beginnings and it has stayed true to the one mission of rescuing and helping survivors escape their abusers and get their lives back. It is by far the most efficient system with the highest rate of continued success. Somy Ali leads the organization with a generosity of spirit and a deep concern for the well-being and the long-term triumph over forced adversity of each and every one of her survivors. From the initial rescue to and through the necessary rehabilitation, Somy and her team work tirelessly knowing the enormous impact they have in that survivor’s life, and, by extension, in the betterment of our society as a whole. Whether we realize it or not, No More Tears benefits us all. We should all be glad for and proud of Somy and her team of unsung heroes and take a lesson from them that everyone can help in some way. When enough of us do so, we can, together, tackle any problem.”