“David” was living with his boyfriend, “Dan” for over a year in Miami. Their relationship had many ups and downs in the past year, but one evening, Dan was drinking heavily and punched David in the face over a small argument.

David did not hit Dan back and decided to walk out of the apartment. Dan followed him to the front door and began swinging on him.

David was able to get away somehow and the next morning when Dan was sober, David told him that he was leaving him for good. Dan threatened David that if he were to leave, he would report his illegal status to immigration and David would get deported. David stayed with Dan out of fear of being deported and Dan continued to abuse David for another 6 months.

David found No More Tears’ literature in a Gay Rights Club and contacted us for help. David has been free of abuse for a year now and volunteers for No More Tears on a regular basis.