“How do I start? My serendipitous introduction to Somy and No More Tears was a life saver to several victims of mine and a support system for me when I have no recourse or way to help a victim to safety. I work strictly with victims of domestic violence at the moment or shortly thereafter of an incident reported to police. The first priority is to be assured that the victim and their family is safe from harm or can find a place to go to of safety. Once they have been assessed for safety and medical reasons, my job continues. There are times when I have difficulties reaching my first goal of providing safety for the victim. Women’s shelters are overwhelmed and in short supply of beds at times. They work hard with me to help the victims but there are times that they just have no space. If all else fails, I then contact NMT to assist me in the last resort. I know that everything Somy and No More Tears collects goes directly to assist the victims, so I try not to abuse or use her assistance lightly.

The very day I had my first conversation with Somy, I had to reach out to her, and she graciously assisted me without question, and her responsiveness to helping was immediate. I was stunned, impressed and humbled by this gracious and unhesitating act of love. My latest assistance from Somy consisted of helping a family of four hide from their abuser. Her simple gift created an abundance of further assistance, which they never expected. Somy’s gift of three nights at a hotel opened the door for this family to receive abundance and love and assistance from allies and other sources that they had no idea was available to them if not for NMT providing them with a temporary safe space allowing them breathing room to galvanize themselves forward and create a nucleus of possibilities that otherwise they would never have recognized. I cannot express in words my exact sense of what I had been and continue to be a part of in a world that has forgotten in part how to be humane to our own. Thank you, Somy, for reawakening that part of my heart that tends to go numb when you do the job you do.”