Source: CBS 4 |  Published: Dec 2018


Homestead (CBSMiami) – An eight-year-old girl is fighting for her life after police say her father, a member of the US Coast Guard, opened fire on his family before killing himself. Experts tell us domestic violence incidents normally go up during the holidays. “Typically I get about 30 calls a day for help,” said Somy Ali from the non-profit group No More Tears. “I’m getting about 80 calls a day for help during this time of the season.”

Ali is an advocate for domestic violence survivors and the founder of No More Tear. She urges people to do something if they suspect domestic abuse. “I think as a society we’re apathetic, we don’t want to get involved, we deem it to be not our business and there are a lot of signs, a lot of red flags,” she said.

“We need to reach out, we need to get involved, we must, must must, try to get them help.”

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